WCU Men's Ice Hockey Distribution Group

In order to simplify and streamline the process of keeping parents and players up to date on current events with WCU Men's Ice Hockey, we are moving our communication mechanism to Google Groups. All e-mails you receive from this distribution list will have [WCUHockey] in the beginning of the subject line automatically. Only the GM and a very limited number of delegates will be able to send messages to this group, so please be assured that this group will not be used to send you spam or other unwanted communications.

Please note that a Google account is not required to receive e-mails from the Google Group distribution list. After receiving and accepting the invitation to join the Google Group, you may be redirected to a website that asks you to log in with your Google account. If you do not wish to view the history of e-mails that have been sent to the Google group, you can safely ignore this step.

Every e-mail sent from the group will contain a link where individuals can unsubscribe from the group. If you no longer wish to receive announcements and notifications from WCU Men's Ice Hockey, please use this link to unsubscribe.

Anyone who does not receive an invitation to the group and wishes to join can send a blank e-mail to WCUHockey+subscribe@googlegroups.com. The GM will receive and approve these requests where appropriate.

Instructions for Joining Google Groups

Step 1: Send a blank e-mail to WCUHockey+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Step 2: You will receive the following response:

Step 3: Click "Join This Group" and fill out the following form:

Step 4: You will receive another e-mail response:

Step 5: Click "Join This Group". You will see the following prompt:

Step 6: Your request to join will be reviewed by the GM. Your request is complete.

Note: The following text will appear on every email. Use this to unsubscribe